Leveraging Education Abroad for Student Career Development & Employability

About Global Career Compass

Global Career Compass  is a consulting practice focused on global workforce trends and the impact of education abroad experiences on student career development.

With over 40 years in the field of international education, I hope my posts will foster dialogue and open up opportunities to discuss consulting roles with both academic institutions and providers of international educational programs around the world.  My Linked In profile provides an overview of my background and professional work: http://www.linkedin.com/in/martintillman.

My blog will address a diverse set of issues, including, among others: What current research exists to demonstrate the impact of studying abroad on student intercultural competence and career development? Do employers value the experience in and of itself or are they more interested in how a student demonstrates the learning outcomes and intercultural competencies which best reflect the skills they’re seeking in new employees? What are the types of strategies which can be adapted in-country to enable students to discuss their career concerns and to work on their “toolkits” –their resumes and cover letters, for example — prior to their return to campus. What type of intentional  institutional or organizational strategies support students linking their decision to study, serve or intern abroad with their longer term career goals and aspirations?

Looking forward to this conversation.  I welcome ideas for guest posts!  You also can follow my tweets on these issus on my Twitter feed:  @tillman_marty

Martin Tillman, President


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  1. Martin

    I am writing to tell you tht I enjoyed your review of the book edited by Darla Deardorf in the last issue of International Educator.

    Larry Braskamp


  1. Study Abroad and Employability: Do Students Understand it?

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