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Campuses Playing the “Long Game” – or Redefining the Importance of Student Employability

November 5, 2018

I shouldn’t be surprised that opening up yesterday’s Sunday New York Times Learning section, I’d find a story titled, “Playing the Long Game” – https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/02/education/learning/colleges-universities-career-services.html – about how “more” [how many was not part of this story] campuses are “finding ways to connect students with career services early on. A trend is a trend if… Read More ›

New Research: Study Abroad Fosters “Clearer Sense of Self”

Two points to make: First, this study, https://hbr.org/2018/05/how-living-abroad-helps-you-develop-a-clearer-sense-of-self, appears in the Harvard Business Review which is not where I’d expect to find research  on this topic; second, the five co-authors tested their hypothesis that “living abroad will increase self concept clarity across six studies involving 1,874 participants.” I was interested in their finding that participant self-discerning… Read More ›

Research Finds Campus Career Services Valued Mostly by Minority/First Gen/Nontraditional Students

Findings from a 2017 Strada-Gallup student survey provide a perspective on which students appear to derive the most benefit from their campus career service offices: http://stradaeducation.gallup.com/reports/225161/2017-strada-gallup-college-student-survey.aspx   The survey results are based on responses from over 32,000 currently enrolled students at 43 public and private four-year institutions. A critical factor impacting a students’ decision to go to college… Read More ›

Maximize the Impact of International Experience via Purposeful Career Integration on Campus

My colleagues at The Learning Abroad Center on the University of Minnesota campus have announced plans for the third conference on the important and essential topic of career integration to be held in Washington D.C., August 8-10, 2018.  The theme of the 2018 conference, “Leveraging Partnerships,” examines how connections between study abroad and career services… Read More ›

Disconnect Between What Students Prefer to Study & Where Jobs Are in Workforce

I think the nexus of the conundrum facing higher education  institutions for years to come is reflected in the post header. A new survey, Career Satisfaction, https://www.sokanu.com/analytics/degree-satisfaction, of 22,000 undergrads by the career support firm, Sokanu finds that “…jobs that are among the most in-demand and high-paying among employers are among the least popular among college… Read More ›

A Students’ Place in the World

In the cycle of life, it’s that time once again. Students are graduating from colleges and universities across the country and for many, the unanswered question is: Now what? Shortly, NAFSA: Association of International Educators will conduct its annual international conference in Denver. And one of its major speakers is NY Times columnist, David Brooks…. Read More ›

Internationalization of Career Services at German Universities: Part I of III

A Guest Post by Jerome Rickmann Director, International Talent Acquisition & Project Development EBC Hochschule (a private multi-campus business school in Berlin)   I’m very pleased to have Jerome begin a three-part post on internationization of career services at German universities. We met at the European Association of International Education conference in September, 2015, in… Read More ›

Current Data on Entering the Workforce Without Critical Skills Valued by Employers

The good news:  yes, the U.S. economy is stronger and continues to add new jobs [in very strategic sectors] at a steady rate each month.  The bad news: stories continue to appear which highlight the dis-connect between employers and students as to whether or not they (students) enter the job market with the type of… Read More ›

On the Mission of the University

When I attended grad school in the late 60s, the student protest movement against the Vietnam War largely pushed those of us interested in working in higher education administration to [re]examine the mission or purpose of the university.  The draft meant that you HAD to think about why you were in college since it was… Read More ›

A Look Into “Future” of Higher Education [in U.S.]

In case you’re interested, I’ve been writing book review for the NAFSA magazine, International Educator, for the past twenty years. But I’ve not written about a good book on my blog – so here is the first I’m touting as a good read: College [UN]Bound by Jeffrey Selingo, editor-at-large for the Chronicle of Higher Education… Read More ›