Category: Ethics of Study Abroad

Intelligence is NOT Enough

I’m going to try to pull together my thoughts this day following on the horrific attacks in Paris. I’ve been an international educator for over 40 years. I’ve had to make sense of 60s student protests, the Vietnam War, the assasinations of two Kennedy… Continue Reading “Intelligence is NOT Enough”

Macroeconomics, Inequality & Study Abroad

How do these come together?  I’ve been thinking about this due to the surprising popularity of a new book by Thomas Pinketty called “Capital in the Twenty-first Century.”  While I have not read it, I’ve heard him speak about it and read reviews —bottom… Continue Reading “Macroeconomics, Inequality & Study Abroad”

An Ethical Perspective on Study Abroad

I’m pleased to share this Guest Post by my colleague,  Scott G. Blair, Ph.D. Transnational Learning Consulting, LLC If I were asked to write a message to undergraduate students recently returned home from a study abroad program on the topic of how they… Continue Reading “An Ethical Perspective on Study Abroad”

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