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Campus Career Services: A Student Affairs Office Rarely Visited by International Students

June 13, 2018

In  the Journal of International  Students, https://jistudents.files.wordpress.com/2016/10/2016-vol-6-no-4.pdf , five co-authors try to assess why international students graduate without ever  visiting their career service offices, and why they have little of no knowledge that such an office even existed on an American campus when they were deciding to study in the U.S.  Both raise important questions! Of interest… Read More ›

How are one million international students studying in U.S. coping post-election?

Based on a national online chat I just participated in conducted by NAFSA: Association of International Educators (www.nafsa.org), it’s safe to say that fear and confusion dominates daily life for many of the one million international students studying in the U.S.  And this is placing a great burden upon the student affairs staff, those international… Read More ›

Lifetime Employment “vs.” Lifetime Employability

I’ve been a longtime user of LinkedIn and consulted on its effective use as a tool in the job search process.  The site is universally – across national borders – seen as an indispensable tool for any professional (whether employed or job seeking).  And so this article reporting an interview with the site’s founder, Reid… Read More ›

Helping Academic Dreams Come True in Vietnam: A Little Goes a Long Way

Originally posted on An International Educator in Viet Nam:
Fact #1:  In Vietnam, about one million students finish secondary school (i.e., junior high school) every year but public high schools can only accommodate 80% of that number. Fact #2:  An estimated 200,000 students who failed one single high school entry exam have no other choice but to…

Featured Consultant: Elspeth Jones, UK International Educator

I’d like to call attention to the body of research and writing of Prof. Elspeth Jones.  Until July 2011, she was Professor of the Internationalization of Higher Education and International Dean at Leeds Metropolitan University.  She has focused on a great many themes of concern to me -especially in relation to international education and employability… Read More ›

Career Prospects Do Not Influence Satisfaction of International Students Studying in Europe

This new report, http://media.prtl.eu/Key_Influencers_International_Student_Satisfaction.pdf, discusses “key influencers” of satisfaction of international students studying in Europe on short-term programs.  As stated in the Preface:  “The satisfaction levels of international students are much more dependent on personal development (“Personal growth”) and the non-academic environment (“City atmosphere”). This roughly ties in with the results of some 20 years of… Read More ›

Multinational Company Prepares Students for Global Careers

From a press release issued, it seems, jointly on the same day, Nov. 27:  Cargill, working with the Institute of International Education (IIE), has launched a new scholarship program to help build future potential leaders. The Cargill Global Scholars program,  http://www.cargillglobalscholars.com, will provide financial support, leadership development and enrichment opportunities to nearly 200 talented and high-performing… Read More ›

Alignment of Higher Education and the Workplace in Asia

The Asian Development Bank reports on the nature of the changes in the workplace in the region and suggests ways in which the region’s academic institutions need to adapt: http://www.adb.org/publications/improving-transitions-school-university-workplace. This section reads like a prescription for U.S. higher education — The Changing Workplace Interesting times could be in store in countries like the PRC, Indonesia,… Read More ›

DISCO Survey Report Has Different Finding Than Story in NYT!

My earlier post about a story this month in the New York Times seems somewhat contradicted by the findings in this survey sent to me by a Japanese colleague:  http://www.disc.co.jp/en/resource/pdf/RecruitmentTrendsJapan.pdf Increasingly, companies are seeking Japanese nationals with study abroad experience. In a recent DISCO survey o f 1174 companies, 23.7% of companies will be looking to hiring Japanese nationals… Read More ›

UK Report Seeks to Increase Outward Mobility of British Students

A new report stresses the importance to the UK economy of sending more students to study and work abroad: http://news.bis.gov.uk/content/detail.aspx?ReleaseID=424336&NewsAreaId=2 Universities and Science Minister David Willetts said:“Study abroad offers a huge range of benefits for students taking part, and also for our universities and the wider UK economy. Students improve their employability, institutions develop their international… Read More ›