how the american public views the contribution of international students to our society

In a recently released report by the American Council on Education,, there’s some good news:

About two-thirds (68 percent) of respondents agree that “American college students benefit when they have close and regular contact with students from other countries.” The proportion of respondents indicating agreement with this statement increased by eight percentage points since the 2017 survey.”

And some bad:

“Whether used to inform formal advocacy or to “make the case” to a wider audience on campus and in local communities, narratives that focus exclusively on international student numbers and economic impact are inconsistent with public sentiment and expectations. No matter how the question is asked, the public does
not see a need to increase international student numbers; quantity simply is not compelling in and of itself.”

The report addresses both campus best practices , governmental policy issues and general community engagement with international students. The one “suggestion” in the report I’d comment on is this one:

Provide multifaceted career counseling and advising that allows international students to explore multiple career pathways, and positions them for success whether they remain in the United States, or enter the workforce in another country. Articulate the advantages of hiring international students to local businesses and organizations, and help employers understand and navigate Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and Optional Practical Training (OPT) processes in order to offer internships.

Unfortunately, we’ve known for a long time that interacting with offices of career services is not a priority, for many reasons, for international students. In many if not most instances, new international students are not aware the office exists. Nor do they fully appreciate the overall presence of student support services on their campus.

This report is a reminder of the critical role which NAFSA: Association of International Educators plays in all facets of international student recruitment, advocacy relating to visa issues and in promoting the contribution made by international students to American civic life – and importantly, to local and state economies.

The ACE report provides a nuanced view of public opinion on these issues and in general, offers a positive view of public opinion regarding the presence and contribution of international students in American society.

One Comment on “how the american public views the contribution of international students to our society

  1. American colleges and universities consider diversity a way to foster personal growth and a healthy society, challenge stereotypes, encourage critical thinking, and help students communicate and feel comfortable with people they may perceive to be different.

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