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New Research: Study Abroad Fosters “Clearer Sense of Self”

Two points to make: First, this study, https://hbr.org/2018/05/how-living-abroad-helps-you-develop-a-clearer-sense-of-self, appears in the Harvard Business Review which is not where I’d expect to find research  on this topic; second, the five co-authors tested their hypothesis that “living abroad will increase self concept clarity across six studies involving 1,874 participants.” I was interested in their finding that participant self-discerning… Read More ›

Resources Supporting Student Integration of Education Abroad Experience With Career Planning

Since I began writing and speaking on this topic about thirteen years ago, there has been an uptick in research – both academic and by large companies – and by several large private study abroad organizatons, to examine and reflect upon the importance of not merely viewing international experience as of intrinsic value to students. … Read More ›

A brief, but spectacular, clip on closing the employability gap for students studying abroad – at 2016 IIE Generation Abroad Summit

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I do love the brief but spectacular segments on the PBS News Hour!   https://twitter.com/InStudyAbroad/status/790588430770139136

An Update & A Promise…

Hello followers one and all.  I’ve been quiet for awhile. However, I have been more active on LinkedIn and continue to report out interesting research and thought-pieces on my Twitter feed (are you there?).  I was recently pleased that Global Career Compass was identified as one of the Top Twenty Blogs on International Education by… Read More ›

On the Importance of Linking Internships With Employability

Career Integration: Reviewing the Impact of Experience Abroad on Employment (No.2), by the University of Minnesota Learning Abroad Center & CAPA. See this volume – and No. 1 (2014) – at Publications || || Learning Abroad Center.  The two volumes are outcomes of conferences held in 2014 and 2016 bringing together several hundred senior international officers, employers, recruiters, faculty,… Read More ›

My Point of View on Study Abroad & Its Impact on Career Development & Employability – Three Video Presentations…

I hope you enjoy watching these presentations which deliver my point of view – well known if you follow me here or @tillman_marty – on a topic which continues to resonate on campuses and with private organizations in the international education field.  This year, the political turmoil in the United States and within the EU… Read More ›

Latest U.S. Survey on Impacts of Studying Abroad & Linkage to Student Employability

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At the recent IIE (Institute for International Education) Generation Study Abroad “Summit” held in Washington, D.C., a research survey report was released: “Gaining an Employment Edge:  The Impact of Study abroad on 21st century Skills and Career Prospects in the United States, 2013-2016.” https://www.iie.org/Why-IIE/Announcements/2017-10-02-Gaining-an-Employment-Edge  The survey is important because of…

Preparing Students for Employability in an Unstable Ever-Changing Global Economy

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The unenviable job facing faculty, career service professionals and international educators sending students abroad, is embedded in the title of this post.  We know the world of work is always changing – and within any given four-year period, how is it possible for campuses and their curricular and co-curricular…