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Intelligence is NOT Enough

November 19, 2015

I’m going to try to pull together my thoughts this day following on the horrific attacks in Paris. I’ve been an international educator for over 40 years. I’ve had to make sense of 60s student protests, the Vietnam War, the assasinations of two Kennedy brothers, of M.L King, of  the murders of Israeli athletes in… Read More ›

How Study Abroad Supports Graduate Employability

We’ve recently witnessed a spate of new books authored by policy wonks which aim to re-examine the mission of the university in the United States and whether we need to “unbundle” how we educate students. Their titles are provocative, like The End of College, and they consider rising tuition and debt which burden large numbers of students and their families. Although we’ve left the worst of the recession behind us –especially with a sharp rebound in the unemployment figures which always favor job seekers with college diplomas – there is a lot of attention being given to new thinking regarding the linkage of higher education to the global workforce and the so-called “return on investment” of a college education….

Black Students Studying Abroad & “The Next Great Migration”

This may be the most controversial title & theme I’ve ever written about. But it is not my idea, rather, it is the title of an op-ed in the Sunday New York Times of March 1, 2015, by Thomas Chatterton Williams:  http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/01/opinion/sunday/the-next-great-migration.html?_r=0 Williams is an African-American ex-pat who writes from Paris.  The gist of his essay… Read More ›

Musings & Comments About Value of International Education and Coping With Uncertainty

Over the years, I’ve regularly commented about what others have written online in essays or blog posts… here are a few selected statements which reflect my point of view: “…there are very few campuses in the country [the U.S.] whose study abroad or career service offices are equipped to provide the kind of [integrated] advising… Read More ›

Welcoming the Rain in Ireland

This reflective and poignant essay is by a student who did not let her disability get “in the way” during her time abroad in Ireland…it’s a very beautiful piece of writing.  And it’s a courageous statement. Enjoy it and perhaps pass it on…http://www.miusa.org/resource/story/linea

Life Lessons From Studying Abroad…

The Washington Post magazine recently published, http://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/magazine/studying-abroad-life-is-the-key-lesson/2014/07/31/c5cdbc3c-06af-11e4-bbf1-cc51275e7f8f_story.html, a wonderful reflective and insightful essay by a Georgetown University student.  It’s about her experience in Seville, Spain and I think it would make a terrific handout for a workshop either before or upon return for any student discussion group. Here’s an example of the students’ insight: “There’s… Read More ›

Why Study Abroad?

It’s not often that the general public gets an opportunity to read a story and hear the voice of an intelligent and articulate student about the meaning of their study abroad experience –but here is an essay that appeared in the Washington Post magazine: http://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/magazine/studying-abroad-life-is-the-key-lesson/2014/07/31/c5cdbc3c-06af-11e4-bbf1-cc51275e7f8f_story.html The writer writes about the meaning of her experience on… Read More ›