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Unmet Challenges of Diversifying Participation in Education Abroad

November 15, 2018

A new report by the nonprofit, Diversity Abroad, http://www.diversityabroad.com, “Collaborative Leadership: Advancing Diversity, Equity and Comprehensive Internationalization in [U.S.] Higher Education,” outlines the critical connection between an institution’s overall effort to provide equal access to its educational resources as well as equal acccess to international experience.  It states: Diversity, equity, and inclusion are key components… Read More ›

Maximize the Impact of International Experience via Purposeful Career Integration on Campus

My colleagues at The Learning Abroad Center on the University of Minnesota campus have announced plans for the third conference on the important and essential topic of career integration to be held in Washington D.C., August 8-10, 2018.  The theme of the 2018 conference, “Leveraging Partnerships,” examines how connections between study abroad and career services… Read More ›


Anthony C. Ogden, PhD, Executive Director of Education Abroad and Exchanges at Michigan State University, has crafted an important resource for all professionals in the education abroad field.  I think it’s also quite relevant for anyone working in any aspect of international education – on and off campus.  I’m very pleased that he has included… Read More ›

On the Importance of Linking International Experience to Employability-New Essays/New Ideas

Career Integration: Reviewing the Impact of Experience Abroad on Employment (No.2), has just been published by the University of Minnesota Learning Abroad Center & CAPA. See this volume – and the first one (2014) – at Publications || || Learning Abroad Center.  The two volumes are outcomes of conferences held in 2014 and 2016 bringing together several hundred… Read More ›

A Resource Bibliography: Linking Education Abroad to Employability

This is an updated bibliography of my published work on this topic within the past five years.  I’ve presented on these topics at NAFSA, the CAPA & UMN Career Integration Conference and shortly, at the second IIE Generation Abroad Summit. The two textbook chapters contain very extensive citations of international resources covering this topic and… Read More ›

Dive Into Selected NAFSA Blogs & Presentations on Career Integration, Employability & Best Practice Campus Advising

I wanted to make it easy to tap into some of my recent work, so here’s a link to several short blogs and other pieces of work I’ve done for NAFSA: Association of International Educators: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/nafsa-professional-development-resources-martin-tillman?trk=prof-post I welcome your comments !

Elon University’s Purposeful Plan to Link Education Abroad & Student Career Development

I’m pleased to share this guest post by Kristen Aquilino, International Career Fellow in the Elon Student Professional Development Center.   Elon is one of the many campuses I cite in my publication for AIFS: “Campus Best Practices Supporting Education Abroad & Student Career Development (2014):  http://www.aifsabroad.com/advisors/pdf/Tillman_AIFS_Campus_Best_Practices.pdf _________________ Elon University’s Strategic Plan highlights eight main priorities, each… Read More ›

Tap Minority Serving Institutions to Increase Diversity in Study Abroad

I’m very pleased to have Dr. Gasman provide her insights on an issue which has bedeviled the international education field for decades.  We have been well aware of the huge racial disparity among students who have the opportunity to study abroad – and despite the best intentions of both academic institutions and “provider” organizations, the… Read More ›

2014 Conference Presentations, Blogs & Workshops on Education Abroad & Student Career Development

2014 was a busy year for Global Career Compass!  I was able to address issues on a variety of themes to diverse audiences: NAFSA Annual Conference (http://www.nafsa.org/Attend_Events/): “Linking Education Abroad & Student Career Development: Effective Advising Practices” “21st century Skills & the Workplace: Challenges for Education Abroad Professionals” NAFSA Blogpost (http://blog.nafsa.org/2014/05/08/strengthening-the-campus-study-abroad-advising-process/):  “Strengthening the Study Abroad… Read More ›

Campus Advising Practices Impact How Students Make Sense of Studying Abroad

  With students returning to campus this month, I thought I’d re-publish this post; I hope it might be useful for study abroad advisors and career service staff as they prepare to send off new groups of students to study abroad: AIFS (American Institute for Foreign Study) has published my new monograph titled, Campus Best… Read More ›