[Updated] 2020 Bibliography: Linking International Education to Student Employability & Career Development

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  1. UPDATES: These two recent chapters update and expand upon the research outcomes on this topic in the bibliography.

    Matherly, C. and Tillman, M., (2019). “Linking learning abroad and employability,” in Internationalization and Employability, Coelen, R. and Gribble, C. (eds.), Routledge, UK.
    From the conclusion: “The demands that higher education institutions commit to broadening access has brought new challenges to traditional models of learning abroad…To more fully engage all students desiring the advantages that international experience adds to their prospects of employability, campus leaders have to more aggressively make the case for both short-and longer-term returns on student investment in learning abroad.”

    Matherly, C., Tillman, M. and Wiers-Jenssen, J., (forthcoming, 2020). “How education abroad impacts the transition to graduate employment,” in Education Abroad: Bridging Scholarship and Practice, Ogden, A., Streitwieser, B., and Van Mol, C., (eds.), Stylus, VA.

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