Why Study Abroad?

It’s not often that the general public gets an opportunity to read a story and hear the voice of an intelligent and articulate student about the meaning of their study abroad experience –but here is an essay that appeared in the Washington Post magazine:


The writer writes about the meaning of her experience on many levels and she acknowledges that although she was in Spain – and not the developing world – this did not detract from the lessons she learned and the experiences which deeply affected her…

It might be worth sharing this essay on campus study abroad websites so other students can listen to how a self-described introverted student grew through her immersion in a highly outgoing and social cultural environment.


2 Comments on “Why Study Abroad?

  1. Studying abroad helps with diversity issues. If a person can truly experience life in another culture, new perspectives can be learned and barriers can be eliminated. This essay was indeed a pleasure to read. The comments that followed were made by people who could benefit from having their viewpoints widened and their judgments pulled more toward neutral.

  2. Fantastic article. It’s always great to hear from students about their study abroad experience! Thanks for sharing!

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