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Gary Rhodes Associate Dean, International Education & Senior International Officer at California State University, Dominguez Hills February 10, 2017, Gary worked with Martin in different groups I’ve been a colleague of Marty for many years through our support for research and resource development in the international higher education field and membership in NAFSA: Association of… Read More ›

Simon Kho, Global Head, Corporate & Investment Bank Campus Recruiting, JP Morgan Chase & Co.

“Marty has been a strong thought partner on the issue of education abroad and student career development. As an employer interested in hiring graduates with an international mindset, it was helpful to liaise with Marty and consider the bridge between the study abroad experience and the skill sets of the global professional. He’s become a… Read More ›

Kelly Cleary, Dean of Career and Professional Advising, Haverford College

I came across Martin Tillman’s work regarding the impact of education abroad on career development while conducting my own research toward my doctoral dissertation. I quickly realized that his grounded and highly practical insights and advice would be extremely helpful in my own work as a career counselor at the University of Pennsylvania where I… Read More ›

Cheryl Matherly, Vice President/Vice Provost for International Affairs, Lehigh University

I’ve collaborated with Martin for many years on projects examining the relationship between education abroad and career development. Marty was one of the pioneers in this area, distinguishing himself as a prolific writer and presenter before this became a popular topic. He is nationally recognized for his expertise on global workforce issues, and his time… Read More ›

Paloma Rodriguez, [former]Coordinator of International Education, Santa Fe College; currently Associate Director, International Studies & Undergraduate Academic Programs, Univversity of Florida International Center

Marty is doing an exceptional job at keeping education abroad professionals like me informed about, not just career trends, but about the need to link career and academics. His posts and guides have been pivotal in making me understand the importance of incorporating career development elements into our international programs. They have also empowered me… Read More ›

David Comp, Assistant Provost for Global Education, Columbia College; [formerly]Associate Director, International Programs, University of Chicago Booth School of Business

As I read and collected research based and practical literature, I came to appreciate and consult the work of a select group of knowledge producers and thought leaders in the field and Marty Tillman remains on this list…. Marty’s Global Career Compass blog is one of the most valuable and thought-provoking resources I subscribe to… Read More ›