See the agenda and presentations at the conference of the International Management Institute at American University.  I was a presenter:

Presenter(s): Senem Bakar, Associate Director of Exchange Visitors & Student Services, American University, David Fletcher, Career Advisor, Career Center,  American University; Martin Tillman, President, Global Career Compass (GCC)

Globalization of the workforce, increased mobility of students, rising demand from employers for “global ready” graduates, are but a few of the new forces of change impacting the traditional structure of international educational experiences offered to students. These forces are found to influence the focus of higher education policy and planning with respect to campus internationalization and in particular, the development of partnerships with business and industry to widen opportunities for experiential learning and practical work experience. While efforts to internationalize campuses has risen dramatically in recent years, there remains a need for more purposeful and structured inter- cultural experience to provide students with the skills and competencies employers are looking for to build their global workforce, whether those experiences are in local communities or in other countries. This session will focus on strategies to enable students to understand how their education abroad experience will fit into their career “toolkit” when they are developing a job search strategy -and marketing their international experiences to employers.

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