Book Review: International Students and Global Mobility in Higher Education: National trends and New directions

My reviews appear regularly in the NAFSA International Educator:

This is an important book for international educators who wish to look behind the statistics of student flows around the world. The overall data on student flows referenced throughout the book have been widely reported in varied online sources and by IIE in its important Project Atlas Web portal, the Atlas of Student Mobility. And while the impact of the rise in numbers of student flows across borders is well known to International Educator readers, the editors suggest what is new and consequential in their analysis are the “drivers of student mobility and the new modalities through which this migration occurs.” This frames the central focus of the book whose chapters provide campus policymakers and administrators with an in-depth analysis of the political and socioeconomic factors that influence the flow of students from the United States, China, India, Germany, the UK, Australia, Latin America, and selected African nations.

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