A Purposeful Plan to Integrate Study Abroad & Career Development

CEA Global Education has developed a unique and integrated approach to assist students  understand how to “.. examine critical strategies for personal and career success in a global marketplace while evaluating personal skills, interests and strengths.  Students learn first-hand what it means to be globally competent through reflection upon the interaction between culture and communication and the global workplace”   http://www.gowithcea.com/students/academic/career_development.html

Called the Global Career Development Certificate, I believe it is the only such program offered by a study abroad provider organization.  Full disclosure: as a consultant, I helped CEA create its initial career development framework.  The program is optional for students on several of their European campuses and is offered for one credit.  Like a solid academic course, it outlines expected learning objectives and defines specific competencies as outcomes of the program.

I’ve advocated that such an approach – developed as a fully integrated  program of reflective learning in the classroom coupled with opportunities for experiential learning – is the optimal approach to prepare students to make the most of their study abroad experience.

CEA’s purposeful structured learning experience in-country will prepare students to return to campus ready to “unpack” their time abroad.  And it will enable students to successfully articulate what they learned in a meaningful way during both informational networking interviews and actual job interviews before they graduate.

For more ideas on preparing students for their study abroad program experience – from a campus perspective – see my AIFS Student Guide to Study Abroad and Career Development:


One Comment on “A Purposeful Plan to Integrate Study Abroad & Career Development

  1. Thanks for sharing information about our certificate in your post, Marty! We think that Career Development is an integral part of the study abroad experience, and as such are thrilled for the inaugural semester of CEA’s Global Career Development Certificate.

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