An International Educator in Vietnam

My colleague Mark Ashwill always writes thoughtful and sometimes thought-provoking posts.  I encourage you to read through this to the end…

An International Educator in Viet Nam

I recently received an email from a Vietnamese student (I’ll call her “Hoa”) who just earned her bachelor’s degree in the US.  Hers is the story of many young Vietnamese who study overseas, which is why I want to share it with you.  I’ve changed the names to protect the innocent.  🙂

Hoa writes: 

I am a Communication (Advertising/PR) major and I want to pursue a career in the US. I would feel very lost if I have to go back to work in Vietnam. The majority of writing I did in my undergrad is in English; I don’t even have writing samples in Vietnamese. The social networks and media that I’ve got so used to here aren’t even popular in Vietnam.

Hoa is a graduate of one of Vietnam’s talented and gifted high schools, where she majored in English as a second language. Most of her classmates (about 18…

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