New NAFSA Publication on Education Abroad Best Practices

The title of this new volume is:  Internships, Service Learning, Volunteering Abroad:  Successful Models and Best Practices, edited by William Nolting, Debbie Donohue, Cheryl Matherly and myself.  It will be available as an e-book shortly.

From the Introduction: “We wrote this book as a guide for advisors in education abroad, career, volunteer, or service-learning offices who consult with students, as well as those who administer work abroad, internships, service-learning, or volunteer programs”…each of the eight chapters has extensive citations so that readers can pursue additional and current research and related texts.  There are selected case studies which highlight the practical issues faced by program administrators in each category of experiential learning.

From the perspective of this blog, I’d call your attention to the chapter in which I was the lead writer:  Career Impact and Global Workforce Development.

A lot of content in this chapter is found in my other writing along with that of Cheryl Matherly.  As we write in the chapter: “Our assumption is that successfully preparing global-ready graduates is not solely the domain of colleges and universities; rather, there is a new rationale for collaboration with employers in all sectors who can measurably contribute to the applied knowledge and skill development of students.”



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