Leveraging Education Abroad for Student Career Development & Employability

New Guide to Assist Students Understand Career Impact of Studying Abroad

Taken from a NAFSA webinar, Helping Students Translate ‘Study Abroad’ for the Job Search, in Spring 2013, which had close to 1,000 participants; go to http://www.nafsa.org/WorkArea/linkit.aspx?LinkIdentifier=id&ItemID=42998 for a free download.  

There were three of us who  teamed up to create this Guide and conduct the webinar: I worked with Vera Chapman at Colgate (in career services) and Curtiss Stevens (in study abroad) at the University of Texas at Austin. We crafted an integrated approach which may serve as a useful template for campus practitioners.

This is a model plan to help students consider the career implications of their decision to study abroad.  If you use a different one on your campus, please share it with me at martyjtillman@gmail.com

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