Show Me The Money –What You Gain If You Can Afford It

I could not help but smile when reading this story about the “add-on” career & personal travel experiences which are – for some- de rigeur in MBA programs:  Just as I’m writing more about issues of equal access to college and the inequality of access to international education, this story comes along…Working in the career office at the elite Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, I conducted annual “career treks” to NYC to bring students in contact with alumni and introduce them to those working at selected NGOs and international organizations.  Great for those who had the extra cash as no trips were subsidized in any way.

As the reporter states: “The trips usually aren’t free, often adding a shadow budget to an already expensive M.B.A. “I would say that $5,000 total for two years is a low to moderate budget, but is one that would still allow a student to experience significant social and academic travel opportunities,” says Mr. Shinewald [founder of mbaMission], whose firm works with M.B.A. applicants. At the high end, $20,000 to $30,000 for two years is not uncommon, he says.”

And the reporter goes on to say that companies are sometimes footing the bill for these extra-curricular networking opportunities (so much for any questions about the influence of the private sector in support of graduate business education).

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