Students Do Not Connect Study Abroad Experience to Employability & Employers Expect Higher Education Institutions to Help Make the Connection

Academic institutions with articulated internationalization policies need to do more to bridge the gap between student needs and employer expectations in the design and structure of their study abroad programs.

Global Career Compass

Two  recent surveys help explain the quandry employers have found themselves in for several years when it comes to the mismatch between their need for talent and the recent graduates they interview, who may have international experience on their resumes, but who cannot make a solid connection between being abroad and the competencies which the employer values in a new hire.  This is precisely what I’ve been saying and writing about in recent years.  And it is a dis-connect which impacts not only the U.S. workforce, but resonates around the world for employers based both in the North and South.  On the other hand, it appears that not all employers – or at least their HR managers- place the same weight on whether or not study abroad is valued as an experience to develop necessary intercultural skills [a finding that contradicts the fact that overwhelming majorities of employers state this…

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