News Flash: New Economy Will Not Embrace Entitlement

Going to college is not, in and of itself, “enough” of a credential for employers. Students have to translate their experience in and out of the classroom and prove their value to an employer. Tough love for grads.

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The title of this post is a paraphrase of a quote by Phil Gardner, director of the Michigan State Collegiate Employment Research Institute, in a piece in the Nov. 20 Chronicle of Higher Education by Justin Doubleday (only viewable by subscribers).

All of us know the national job market is better than it was a few years ago and that the rate of unemployment has come down (although we still have too many people unemployed).  And we also know that the most highly educated in American society are least unemployed (although they may believe they are underemployed which is another story). What got my attention was Gardner’s quote and his use of the word, entitlement. He uses it in the context of what employers tell him –that they are searching for talent among college graduates who can “prove that their education will translate into real-world skills.”

Is this a shocking…

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