Ebola, Justice, and Liberia’s New Fight


West Point CJTBy: Brooks Marmon, Accountability Lab. This post was originally published by Huffington Post.

In May, I moved to Liberia — a country with which I have close personal ties and with which I became deeply acquainted while researching its history for my Master’s thesis — for a job with the Accountability Lab. I was highly excited. I never imagined the devastating extent to which I would witness firsthand how Liberia’s difficult past shapes the numerous challenges it continues to confront in the present.

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One Comment on “Ebola, Justice, and Liberia’s New Fight

  1. I know the founder of the Lab, Blair Glencorse, an alumnus of the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. I have great admiration for their work in Liberia and wanted to share this account with my followers. I hope you follow their important work!

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