Colleges Get Career-Minded: Some View Issue of Employability as “Mission-Critical”

Considering that about 70 million youths in the world – according to the International Labor Organization- are unemployed, then there could hardly any doubt about how mission-critical it is for tertiary institutions to focus on the employability of their graduates.

Global Career Compass

This story in the Wall Street Journal caught my attention: .  The thrust is that the transformative [my word] economic downturn has forced colleges -especially those with a liberal arts curriculum at the core of their mission- to consider and/or devise coursework and programs tied to practical workplace-related experience.  Or said in another way, “blending liberal and applied learning.”  Are we supposed to be shocked with the very idea that institutions should be concerned with the readiness of their graduates to enter the workforce?  According to this article, “some schools [how many is that?]” are moving forward to make career development a “mission critical” aspect of the college experience.

I’d like to know where those institutions are where the future careers of their students are not considered, on any level, “mission critical.”   I agree with those who are wary of pushing too close to the line which separates…

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