Role of Private Sector in Linking Education & Employability

Maybe this is a case of the glass half empty – if numbers are correct, 70% of employers DO find skilled talent! But the trend has been clear for many years: most employers are not budgeting resources to “upgrade” skills of hired talent. The catch 22 is that graduates need to strategically gain these skills outside the classroom.

Global Career Compass

Reporting on IFC conference on private education, “Making Global Connections,” University World News offers glimpse of growing efforts to bridge employer needs for talent with innovative private sector education initiatives.

The article states: Some “30% of employers globally say they do not find enough people for the jobs that they have,” Gassan Al-Kibsi, managing partner at McKinsey and Company in Saudi Arabia, told the IFC’s conference on private education held in Dubai from 6-8 March. Top-up courses for graduates, devised with industry in mind, can bridge the gap between academic courses and working life. Such courses are organised to supplement university degrees and are often provided by private or non-profit institutions. “Government institutions are often unable to understand employers’ needs,” Al-Kibsi said.

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) has built an investment portfolio of US$400 million involving 69 projects in 33 countries, many of them in higher education. “Like it or not, the…

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