2014 Conference Presentations, Blogs & Workshops on Education Abroad & Student Career Development

2014 was a busy year for Global Career Compass!  I was able to address issues on a variety of themes to diverse audiences:

NAFSA Annual Conference (http://www.nafsa.org/Attend_Events/):

“Linking Education Abroad & Student Career Development: Effective Advising Practices”

“21st century Skills & the Workplace: Challenges for Education Abroad Professionals”

NAFSA Blogpost (http://blog.nafsa.org/2014/05/08/strengthening-the-campus-study-abroad-advising-process/):  “Strengthening the Study Abroad Advising Process”

NAFSA Embassy Dialogue Committee (https://edconeducation.wordpress.com/): “Applying knowledge outside the classroom: What is the regulatory environment of work placements in U.S. & abroad”

European Association of International Education (EAIE) Blogpost https://www.academia.edu/9113421/International_Education_and_Employability_Matching_Expectations_of_Students_to_the_Global_Workforce):  “Matching Expectations of Students to the Global Workforce”

University of Minnesota Career Integration Conference (http://www.umabroad.umn.edu/professionals/career-int/resources):

“Employer Perspectives on Value of International Education in the Global Workforce”

ISEP (International Student Exchange Program, http://www.isep.org/About_ISEP/who_we_are.asp):  “Matching Student Expectations of Education Abroad to the Global Workforce”

Global Youth Economic Opportunities Summit (http://www.youtheosummit.org/agenda_2014)

“Mind the Gap: Linking Career Development Theory to Workforce Outcomes”

AIFS (www.aifs.com):  “Study Abroad & Career Counseling,” Workshop for Connecticut colleges and universities




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