Higher Education and the Employability Agenda – A Global Perspective

Will be co-presenting webinar on 2-17 to 70 career offices around country for NACE ON “LEVERAGING EDUCATION ABROAD FOR EMPLOYABILITY.”

Global Career Compass

Dr. Cheryl Matherly and I have co-authored a chapter (Part Two, Chapter 16) on this topic in the just released Palgrave International Handbook of Higher Education Policy and Governance.  You can review the book’s contents and see all contributors at – http://www.palgrave.com/page/detail/The-Palgrave-International-Handbook-of-Higher-Education-Policy-and-Governance/?sf1=barcode&st1=9781137456168  This link only provides you a look at the diversity of contributors and the table of contents. It is expensive, unfortunately; but I’d be glad to try to reply to specific questions.

We examine the term employability and its interpretation by many actors and differing institutions.  Since the 2008 recession, there has been a renewed debate about the purpose of a college degree (largely driven by educators in the U.S.) and the need for greater attention to how academic institutions prepare students to enter the global workforce (regardless of their choice of majors!).  Readers of my blog know I have focused on this linkage for many years!

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