Intelligence is NOT Enough

And now, after Brussels…we may be at a loss for words, but, the need to act remains for all of us in the field of international education. How do we re-define what we do as peacemakers? As educators who strive to open a window on the world for all students – and to not build a wall to hide them from the realities of the moment. And since most Americans abroad for study are in Europe, we need to be courageous in holding fast to our educational values, while at the same time, being realistic about threats to the safety of our students. This is no easy task. There are no easy answers.

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I’m going to try to pull together my thoughts this day following on the horrific attacks in Paris.

I’ve been an international educator for over 40 years. I’ve had to make sense of 60s student protests, the Vietnam War, the assasinations of two Kennedy brothers, of M.L King, of  the murders of Israeli athletes in Munich, of two intifadas, of apartheid, of 9-11, of the deaths in Iraq & Afghanistan, of a sniper randomly killing citizens in Washington,DC and the suburbs, of the murders of children and college students, of police brutality –and now, of the murder of innocents in Paris.

And I’m feeling tired of all this killing and death.  Of all the words in print and on TV and radio  trying to think it through – to explain why. To rationally analyze our way out of the fog of unbearable loss of life.

And so I was drawn back…

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