On the Mission of the University

And the debate continues…see this essay in the Chronicle of Higher Education: ” To Help Students Succeed, Professionally and Personally, teach the Art of Being Human” — http://chronicle.com/article/To-Help-Students-Succeed/228281/

Global Career Compass

When I attended grad school in the late 60s, the student protest movement against the Vietnam War largely pushed those of us interested in working in higher education administration to [re]examine the mission or purpose of the university.  The draft meant that you HAD to think about why you were in college since it was literally a lottery as to whether or not you could graduate and start a career or see what was out there in the workforce -or go fight and perhaps die in Southeast Asia.  Some choice to think about every night and day in your senior year…

Which leads me to the choices students face now which are not deeply existential (am I or am I not a conscientious objector to this particular war or all wars), but rather focused down on practical and pragmatic economic consequences (how am I to repay my $30-50-or more thousand…

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