Making the most of opportunities

I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Fakunle in DC as she was preparing to attend an international research conference. I’m re-blogging her post because it makes an important statement for international professionals – especially those unaccustomed to the value placed on networking by Western professionals – about “how far” they may need to stretch to build new connections. Rememmber that Robert Frost poem about the road not taken?

Omolabake #Mummyscholar

Might sound like a cliche, but I believe that good preparation precedes taking meaningful advantage of opportunities. And opportunities sometimes lurk at unexpected corners. My main point in this post is linked to recent experiences as a research student – an aspect of my life that I am always delighted to discuss – though that had not been the topic of most of my posts here on my personal blog.

Just over a month ago, I wrote an email to a mentor much admired from a distance until when I decided to at least contact this person. To my sheer delight and joy, I got a response followed by hugely beneficial advice on my research area and continuing exchange of correspondence. It was a first for me to communicate with an important figure in my field whom I had never met before – and what a priceless experience it’s turned…

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2 Comments on “Making the most of opportunities

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  2. Thanks, Marty Tilman, for reblogging and your comments. I enjoyed our meeting in DC. It was great to get your insights and network even before the conference I was attending started….and thanks also for the coffee!

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