Why Don’t Students Understand The Linkage Between Study Abroad & Employability?

With the start of a new academic year, I thought I’d share this again with readers…I’d welcome insights from career service or study abroad colleagues as to why their students don’t “get” the linkage. I’m still thinking about it. Still talking about it.

Global Career Compass

The short answer is–I don’t know and I’m not sure there are easy ways to expain why.

Last week, along with my colleague, Dr. Vera Chapman, Associate Director of Career Services at Colgate University, we conducted a webinar for NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers) with participants from a diverse group working in career service offices at 71 colleges and universities (public, private, small, large, urban amd rural and in all regions of the country). When asked if their students understood the linkage of studying abroad to their students’ employasbility, 86% responded NO or UNSURE.

You may be saying, students have bigger things to be thinking about – like graduating on time. As a recent essay in the Chronicle of Higher Education by Karin Fischer pointed out (2-23-16), “2 Keys to Success for Underprivileged Students: When to Start College, and Where to Go,” http://chronicle.com/article/2-Keys-to-Success-for/235377?cid=trend_right_a, “If low-income students end up…

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