“See” Something? Say Something.

In conversation with a campus colleague today, I happened to blurt out that the moment we’re in now requires something akin to the advice given public transit passengers in recent years.  We hear it all the time on trains and busses and it’s on signs…So, yes, we are seeing a President acting against the interests of the nation and not in the interests of  all the people.

For years, I’ve drawn a sharp line in the sand to separate my political beliefs from my professional writing.  But, since January 20, I’m unable to keep doing that. My decision is to speak out. I have a social media presence and since so much of what Trump is doing to create chaos is derived from his own use of Twitter – amazing to say that – why not respond in kind.

Since last weekend, I’ve been giving voice to the growing list being compiled by Dr. David Comp at http://ihec-djc.blogspot.com/2017/01/running-list-of-universitycollege-and.html It’s a diverse listing, however, given that we have upwards of 3,000 academic institutions with international students on their campuses, there are only about 240 Presidents and Provosts who have made public statements to date.  Less than 10%. Come on, where are all the other campus leaders hiding?  This is a time say something on behalf of your efforts to bring international students on campus to enrich the life of your learning community (and no doubt to receive their full tuition dollars, too).

If you do not find your campus or organization on this list, write David.

If it was not clear throughout the campaign season, no one should now be surprised that the emperor has no clothes…Remember what Toto did in the Wizard of Oz?  The difference is that our emperor’s pronouncements threaten the peace and stability of our nation and the world community.

One Comment on ““See” Something? Say Something.

  1. Many thank, Marty! Very much appreciated! The list is up to 404 U.S. institutions that have issued statements and made them available online and 14 institutions that have issued statements to the campus community but have not made their comments public online.

    If your institution or you know of an institution that has issued a statement on President Trump’s Executive Order and the school is not list please do let me know.

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