Preparing Students for Employability in an Unstable Ever-Changing Global Economy

I thought I’d jumpstart engagement in 2018 with this ’17 post. I’d like to receive reader comment on how you see the impacts of our changing global condition on your students…How is your organization or institution adapting/innovating?

Global Career Compass

The unenviable job facing faculty, career service professionals and international educators sending students abroad, is embedded in the title of this post.  We know the world of work is always changing – and within any given four-year period, how is it possible for campuses and their curricular and co-curricular offerings to stay ahead of the local-national-and global economy and the skills necessary for students to succeed upon graduation?

Sharma quotes the senior minister of state for education in Singapore who says:  “How do you cope with the fact that the education you have may not perfectly prepare you for your first, second, third, or whatever number of jobs?”

One response in this piece comes from Nina Waaler, vice-rector for education at Oslo and Akershus University of Applied Sciences:  “…universities must instill curiosity and openness [in students] so that they know that what they are learning probably will not be current…

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