My Point of View on Study Abroad and Its Impact on student Career Development & Employability …

I hope you enjoy watching these presentations which deliver my point of view – well known if you follow me here or @tillman_marty – on a topic which continues to resonate on campuses and with private organizations in the international education field.  This year, the political turmoil in the United States and within the EU over “Brexit” promise to fuel ongoing concerns about a downturn in global student mobility; this, in turn, will impact – perhaps tamp down – the expansion of opportunities for students to build their employability toolkits.

Impact of Learning Abroad on Student Career Development & Employability

 Panel Discussion: IIE Survey of Impact of Study Abroad on U.S. Students (2017 IIE Generation Abroad Summit)

The session analyzed findings of the IIE study, “Gaining an Employment Edge: The Impact of Study Abroad on 21st Century Skills & Career Prospects” showing that study abroad contributes to the development of transferable skills and positive employment gains, with the impact varying according to program characteristics, study destinations, and the students’ goals. Download the full report here: Panelists: Christine Farrugia, Deputy Head of Research at IIE; Marty Tillman, President of Global Career Compass; Ann Hubbard, VP at AIFS Study Abroad; and Maggie Becker, Director of Career Services at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

 A [Brief But Spectacular] 6-Minute Talk:

“Closing the Employability Gap for Students Studying Abroad” (2016 IIE Generation Abroad Summit)

This was an innovative approach at the second IIE Generation Abroad Summit allowing many points of view to be shared with participants.

One Comment on “My Point of View on Study Abroad and Its Impact on student Career Development & Employability …

  1. Reblogged this on Global Career Compass and commented:

    Education abroad, in particular, study abroad , has been absent in the Spring/Summer of 2020 – and will not return as a viable off-campus learning experience, until an effective global vaccine against the Covi-19 virus is found and widely available. However, my analysis and pitch in these two videos remains, nevertheless, remains relevant . Perhaps more so in light of the renewed focus, thanks in large measure to the Black Lives Matter movement.

    When campuses fully re-open – let’s hope this will happen for the 2021-22 academic year,- there will be , I hope, pent up demand by students to participate in education abroad programs. And going forward, let’s also hope that campuses renew the halted momentum to diversify participation in education abroad by minorities and low-income students.

    These two presentations,along with the body of my research and writing, articulate the value of cross-cultural experiential learning in strengthening student employability outcomes upon graduation.

    The global pandemic does not lessen this linkage; as the global economy recovers- and admittedly, this will take several years – employers will still need talent with the same breadth of skills and competencies that were important before the pandemic overwhelmed our daily life.

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