An Update & A Promise…

Hello followers one and all.  I’ve been quiet for awhile. However, I have been more active on LinkedIn and continue to report out interesting research and thought-pieces on my Twitter feed (are you there?).  I was recently pleased that Global Career Compass was identified as one of the Top Twenty Blogs on International Education by Feedspot:

Of course, as with so many friends and colleagues, our political culture has been sucking up a lot of air – and energy. So has the news of mass murders in cities and schools, attempts to deport the DACA kids and their parents, roll backs to Obamacare & threats to all manner of aid to the poor and the elderly, challenges to “real” science and analysis of climate change, appointments of unqualified judges to courts —–I just can’t go on with this list.

I hope to march in  DC on the 24th with what I imagine will be tens of thousands of high school students and others fighting against the direction the NRA keeps  pushing for in the Congress and state legislatures.

I’m also now finishing what Ihope will be an important book chapter updating the field about current research trends and national inititatives to  link learning abroad and employability (Routledge to be published later this year -stay tuned here for details).

So my promise is that I’ll continue to write more frequently in 2018…

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