Keynote Address during international education week

I was pleased to be invited to deliver one of the main speeches during this week celebrating the work of international educators nationwide at Millersville University in Pennsylvania. My topic was: Bringing the World to Campus: Impacts of Internationalization at Home.

Because the pandemic has paused all mobile study abroad programs and any type of experiential learning abroad, campuses have pivoted to virtual programs. One of the silver linings this year has been a creative effort to widen participation of students in domestic intercultural learning or what is more popularly labeled – in Europe – as internationalization-at-home. One of my main points was that campuses now had an opportunity to “democratize” participation in what otherwise was a co-curricular experience open predominantly to a narrow selective group of students.

Here’s a link to my 20 minute address to Millersville faculty and staff:

One Comment on “Keynote Address during international education week

  1. It’s good to know that the participation of students in domestic intercultural learning and other virtual study-abroad programs has been increased. This will maintain awareness about international education among students.

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