Most citations are open access and found via Google (or on my LinkedIn profile).  

NAFSA book reviews and articles are only readable by Association members with online access to the International Educator magazine.


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Campus Best Practices Supporting Education Abroad & Student Career Development, AIFS, 2014

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Internships, Service Learning, and Volunteering Abroad: Successful Models and Best Practices, with C. Matherly, W. Nolting and D. Donohue, NAFSA: Association of International Educators, 2013

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Service-Learning: A Movement’s Pioneers Reflect on Its Origins, Practice and Future, Jossey-Bass, 1999 [cited as a leading pioneer in this oral history project]

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Book Reviews [all in NAFSA International Educator]

“International Student Engagement:  Strategies for Creating Inclusive, Connected, and Purposeful Campus Environments”,  July-Aug 2015

“International Service Learning: Conceptual Frameworks and Research,”  Jan-Feb 2013

“Student Learning Abroad: What Our Students Are Learning, What They’re Not, and What We Can Do About It,” Mar-April 2013

“Who Goes Where and Why?  An Overview and Analysis of Global Educational Mobility, Mar-Apr 2012

“International Students and Global Mobility in Higher Education,” May-June 2012

“The SAGE Handbook of Intercultural Competence”, Nov-Dec 2011

“International India: A Turning Point in Educational Exchange with the U.S.”, Sept-Oct 2011

“The First-Time Effect: The Impact of Study Abroad on College Student Intellectual Development,” 2010

“Intercultural Competence: Intercultural Communications Across Cultures”, 2009

“Working World: Careers in International Education, Exchange and Development, 2009

“A Handbook for Counseling International Students in the United States,” 2008

“Handbook for Hosting: The Academy for Educational Development Guide to Welcoming U.S. Students To Your Campus,” 2007

“Knowing and Doing: The Theory and Practice of Service-Learning”, 2006

“The First Resort of Kings”, 2006

“The Big Guide to Living and Working Overseas,” 2005

“Global Citizen: A Guide to Creating an International Life and Career for Students, Professionals, Retirees and Families,” 2002

“The Expanding Role of State & Local Governments in U.S. Foreign Affairs,” 1998

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