Lisle International Global Seed Fund

This posting is a departure as it does not relate to any of my usual “categories.” However, it does relate to a 40-year commitment to the work of an American nonprofit called Lisle International [aka The Lisle Fellowship at its founding in 1936]…Lisle was a pioneering organization in creating a purposeful and intentional intercultural program bringing American and international college-age students together for six [6!] weeks during the summer. After my graduation from the SIT Graduate Institute in 1975, I worked for Lisle leading and organizing these programs around the world from 1977-1983. I’ve served on its Board of Directors for several decades.

I’m using my blog to announce that applications are open for modest funding from our Global Seed Fund at Full details on grant criteria are found here.

Lisle funds small-scale educational projects that promote intercultural understanding and bring people of diverse backgrounds together to share and learn from one another. I’m sure my readers might be working with and knowledgeable of the kind of interactive, small-scale, intercultural education projects -based anywhere in the world-which the Seed Fund hopes to support. Grants are up to $3,000. NOTE: The Request to Apply deadline has been extended to August 1, 2019.

Spread the word!

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