New Book Chapter: “Linking learning abroad and employability”

Dr. Cheryl Matherly , Vice President & Vice Provost for International Affairs at Lehigh University, and I have co-authored a chapter in the just published volume on Internationalization and Employability by Routledge. Our chapter is on ” Linking Learning Abroad and Employability.”  Cheryl and I have frequently published and presented on this topic over the past decade. 

The chapter contains a summary of current research on the topic and an analysis of international trends. In the first section of the book, we “set the scene by providing an overview of national policy on learning abroad and the growing trend to purposefully link learning abroad programs to employability outcomes.”

We state: “Employability is a widely expected outcome for higher education, and increasingly, learning abroad programs are evaluated by how well they prepare students for success in entering the workforce.” We emphasize that given the widely accepted view about the value-added that international experience brings to a students’ career portfolio during their college years, it’s more imperative than ever for campuses to diversify participation in all international educational programs. This has been and will continue to be a major challenge for all campuses with commitments to internationalization of their institution’s curriculum and co-curricular activities.

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